Who Are The Bondholders

Few realise that it was in fact People For Economic Justice who uncovered the full list of bondholders of the now defunct Anglo Irish Bank.

As we are all aware, Fine Gael ran a very successful campaign during the 2011 election. This campaign ran on a platform that marshaled around one convincing and powerful phrase: “Not one more cent!”. This promise was broken in record time upon Fine Gael and Labour taking office, when the Government stated that the repayment of the bondholders was paramount to securing funding from the so-called Troika (meaning Threesome in Russian) of The European Central Bank, The European Union, and The International Monetary Fund.

This out-and-out lie was proven false almost immediately. There were NO provisions what-so-ever in Ireland’s bailout deal, which sets the requirement of the repayment of bondholders. In addition to this revelation, Enda Kenny and his cabinet stated on no uncertain terms, on more than one occasion, that not only were they planning on repaying 36 billion of the Irish taxpayers money to these bondholders, but that they did not even know who these bondholders were!

Without further ado, let People For Economic Justice clear up any confusion the Government may have about who the bondholders are.

The Bondholders

List Of The Bondholders

Tonight With Vincent Brown

Upon receiving this information from an insider, People For Economic Justice immediately contacted the producers of Tonight With Vincent Brown, asking them if they would “like to name the bondholders”. They immediately responded in the affirmative and we passed the list along. Having coaxed Simon Coveney into stating yet again that the coalition were unaware as to the identity of the bondholders, Vincent offered up a few examples of the list. Simon’s stuttered response should give you some idea as to the surprise that Simon felt, not that a list of names existed, but that Vincent happened to have it!

The most interesting point about this entire affair was how the Government came to the decision to bail out these bondholders. When the time came to make the decision, the Government called a meeting of several of the top financial experts and economists from across Europe to come in and advise them. These experts came in, and recommended that the best course of action was to pay back the bondholders, which would have the chain reaction of keeping the banks afloat. The members of this board of advisers included representatives from Goldman Sachs and The Rothchild banking dynasty.

With that in mind, take a quick look at the list of bondholders above, and see if you can see any familiar names.

That’s right, the men who recommended that the government pay back the bondholders, were bondholders in Anglo Irish Bank themselves.

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