Ben Gilroy Show – Pilot Episode

Details About The Ben Gilroy Show

Please share this folks. A group of my friends have set up a TV Network Channel called IRELAND’S INDEPENDENT NETWORK. Here is the first pilot show, The Ben Gilroy Show, featuring myself interviewing Garda whistleblower John Wilson.

The idea of this channel is to give a voice to the unheard, and cover topics rarely discussed on RTE such as, Fluoride, banking, the legal system and courts, repossessions, the freemen, the freemasons, fracking, oil and gas, turf cutting, shell to sea, and anything that the people want to discuss. Please don’t go too hard on me for the pilot show and claim it’s a DDI propaganda machine I promise it isn’t and wont be, but as it’s a pilot show and nobody has heard about it yet its difficult to get guests for the first show.

We hope to have other small independent filmmakers display their talents on the channel and any other ideas are welcome, but now we have a serious platform for all voices to be heard.

We ran our pilot show, The Ben Gilroy Show, to AERTV and they are willing to broadcast on their platform at we also hope to broadcast on a SKY channel soon. We hope to fund this by selling small cheap ads to small to medium enterprises who couldn’t normally afford such ads.

Please enjoy, comment, suggest guests or topics or ideas all appreciated. Please share to anyone you think would like to be a guest or other.

Ben Gilroy

Mr. Tepper

Things got a bit quiet here at People For Economic Justice, thanks to the enormous amount of work required in Ben Gilroy’s campaign in the East Meath By-Election. Today however, we would like to introduce you to Mr Tepper. David Tepper is a hedge-fund manager who buys up the debt of companies and countries, particularly when they are in financial difficulties, and then trades them on for profit. The below is an interview Mr. Tepper had about an “incredible month” he had, dealing with the Bank of Ireland, the Irish Government, and by extension, the Irish People.

More after the video.

So there you have it. Having purchased a raft of unsecured subordinated bonds from the Bank of Ireland, Mr Tepper did not think it fair that the Bank of Ireland wanted to reduce the value of those bonds to a fair (read “market driven”) price. Mr Tepper decided that he would threaten to flex his legal muscles and sue the Bank of Ireland, and the Irish Government. This man is one of the Bondholders that our current Government promised to burn upon entry into power. This is one of the men who made billions at the expense of we the people.

One has to recognize that the very worst aspect of this video is the smug grin on Mr Tepper’s face as he gloats over his victory over our push-over Government and our push-over Bank.

At least we have a pretty decent song by Mick Blake to console us, but you would have to hope that something like this might just stir up a bit of anger amongst the currently sleeping Irish public. Please share this video far and wide, via whatever means you can. You can catch a few glimpses of the lavish mansion he treated himself to on the back of our Governments decision during the song.

What Is Debtoptions?

DebtoptionsDebtoptions is a movement started in late 2012. It was founded on the principle that since 2008, we, real ordinary people, have watched our country come to its knees due to a gamble of the banks. The sell out of OUR resources by our politicians and the lies and ommitions about our place in the world crises. The sense of hopelessness has brought hundreds to a very dark place and with no hope in sight many have taken their lives!

Claire Cullinane decided that enough was enough, and started Debtoptions. The process is simple. Ordinary people who find themselves with massive amounts of unpayable debt, who the banks put enormous amounts of pressure on despite being directly responsible for the people’s inability to pay in the first place, individually sue the banks for €1,000,000 each.

People For Economic Justice of course thought the idea was fantastic. It is exactly what we fight for every day: people standing up for their rights, not allowing themselves to be bullied by the banks, and taking back control of their lives.

The Irish Sue The Banks, With Debtoptions

Ben Gilroy will be on hand in every single trial. Thus far over 200 people have filed a lawsuit against their mortgage lender. As soon as the lawsuit is in place, you can cease repayments until such time as the matter has been resolved in the courts. All documentation is available from Debtoptions, and they will be with you every step of the way.

Every single person who has thus far taken the decision to sue their lender has reported a huge upsurge in their personal mood, and their sense of personal empowerment. We have hubs all across the country where everyone taking a lawsuit meet up to discuss the current state of their lawsuit.

Join Debtoptions today. Call 0872565728, check out the Debtoptions Facebook page, or fill out the contact form here on site.