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Seamus SherlockSeamus Sherlock, a native of Feohanagh, Co. Limerick, gained national attention two years ago when he chained himself to the railings outside the ESB headquarters, in protest of the companies refusal to accept a €50 per week payment in satisfaction of his outstanding bills. The ESB as said had rejected this offer and were planning on simply cutting off Seamus Sherlock’s electricity supply until the debt was satisfied. Seamus could not allow this as he had five kids in school, one of whom was currently sitting her leaving certificate.

This matter was eventually settled, however the situation had awoken Seamus to the problems facing an enormous percentage of Irish people in debt. One of those problems (other than the ESB bills) that Seamus also was faced with was the growing problem of Mortgage Debt.

With that he founded the group Life After Debt, and in a fashion not to dissimilar from People For Economic Justice, started to teach people that they do in fact have rights, and just because a Bank has opted to dispatch a sheriff to attempt to take your house from you… that doesn’t mean your rights have somehow gone away.

Seamus Sherlock Barricades Farm Against Sheriff

Perhaps due to Seamus Sherlock’s notoriety as a campaigner for those in debt, and perhaps just out of pure chance, a notice arrived through Seamus’ door in August informing him that the sheriff would be calling to take possession of the farm. Seamus called on his allies in groups such as the Anti-Eviction Taskforce, who immediately went about barricading the farm against the Sheriff.

As of Saturday 24th of February 2018 the Sheriff (most likely due to the publicity) has yet to arrive to attempt to take possession of the farm. Should that day arrive, in which a Sheriff yet again attempts to execute a power that they have not had in this country since circa 1916, then we would like to officially reassure Seamus that People For Economic Justice will hit the road at first warning to go and explain to the gentleman why he is in fact not going to be taking possession of the farm, and why Seamus’ home is inviolable save in accordance with the law!

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Should You Listen To Brendan Burgess?

Brendan Burgess is a man who RTÉ roll out at the slightest talk of economic decent. Most recently he was wheeled out by RTÉ to offer an alternative point of view to that of Seamus Sherlock, who is currently attempting to save his house from repossession.

Here is a video of  Brendan Burgess advising people around the time of the bailout, that the low-priced shares of the Irish banks were NOT a sign of trouble in the pipeline (which we of course now know they most certainly were a sign of trouble), but that in fact we would look back at that point in time in years to come with a deep sense of regret for not “filling our boots” with shares, as they would increase exponentially in value.

The Sound Advise Of Brendan Burgess:

Our own favourite part would undoubtedly have to be at the very end when the presenter turns to Brendan Burgess and says “Well on your own head be it!”.

The point to take away from this is of course that for a so-called expert, Brendan Burgess has been wrong time and time again. Go to YouTube, enter “Brendan Burgess” into the search engine, and watch a few more videos. We’ll be willing to bet that you can’t make it to the end and still find him a credible source of financial information from before, during, and after the boom!

If you’d like an alternative view-point about Brendan Burgess, with a credibility worthy of Brendan Burgess then check out his personal site.