Man Falsely Arrested While Pat Rabbitte Looks On

Follow on from our visit to Savills earlier in the day, Ben Gilroy, People For Economic Justice, TNS Radio, and assorted citizens decided to go down the road to Buswells Hotel for a cup of tea and a chat. Shortly after arriving they noticed Minister For Communication Pat Rabbitte was in the corner having what appeared to be an executive lunch with an unknown gentleman. For the most part they went undisturbed, until one person approached the minister and voiced his opinions on the actions of the current Fine Gael/Labour coalition government.

The following video covers the man’s verbal attack on Pat Rabbitte.

John Rogers Arrested, Pat Rabbitte Pours More Tea

The events of the day do not end there however! The man was asked to leave, or the hotel management would call An Garda Síochána. The man then did so, but it soon transpired that the hotel management had opted to call An Garda Síochána regardless. On arrival, the Gardai asked where the man was, and the hotel manager pointed out John Rogers.

Arrest of John Rogers While Pat Rabbitte Looks On

Throughout the unknown mans encounter with Minster Rabbitte, John had remained fairly removed from the incident, and yet is now pointed out as the man who interrupted the ministers lunch. The Gardai approached John and asked him to leave. John asked why he should do so, as he was not involved in the incident. As the next video will show, John was then forcibly removed, by the Gardai who outright refused to answer any questions on the topic. Indeed, so intent where they to remove this completely innocent man, that they forced him to the floor before escorting him out the door, and on to Store Street Garda Station. John remained there for four hours, before being realised without charge.

This is where People For Economic Justice take issue with the matter. Pat Rabbitte was completely and totally aware that John Rogers was not the man who had approached him during his lunch. It was obvious to everyone, including Par Rabbitte’s lunch guest, that they were two totally different men. Why exactly did this Minister For Communication fail to communicate this to the Gardai? It would have been a matter of raising his hand to draw in the attention of either of the Gardai, and uttering the simple words “That isn’t the man who approached me”.

The video below shows the event in its entirety. John Rogers is currently preparing his case against the Gardai for false arrest.

More on this as and when it comes in.

Ben Gilroy Addresses Crowd Outside Savills

Ben Gilroy outside SavillsBen Gilroy and People for Economic Justice addresses the crowd if Irish citizens regarding the current banking crisis. Just across the street is the Freemasons Hall on Molesworth Street and up the street is Buswell’s hotel where many a deal is done. After the speech and delivery of the letter to Savills, Ben and the crowd made our way up to Buswell’s for a coffee and to get out of the rain and ran into Pat Rabbitte.

Ben’s Speech Outside Savills:

As many of you may be aware, Savills are one of the most aggressive receivers in Ireland. In his speech, Ben starts out by explaining to the crowd the crime called “usury”. In the modern sense, this is a result of fractional reserve lending. Under fractional reserve lending, banks do not lend out money. Lending out money would mean when a customer goes into a bank and asks for (purely as an example) €100, the bank manager would go into the banks vault or one of their own accounts, take  €100, and give it to you. In actuality, all the bank does is increase the balance of your account by that amount, while at no point does another account decrease by that same number. The bank is only required to actually possess a fraction of that mount in reserve, hence the name Fractional Reserve Lending.

Following on from this point in his speech, Ben goes on to mention that this practice is aided and abetted by companies like Savills. He asks them are they are that the banks committed fraud, and serious liquidity laws. He asks do they work as receivers for Anglo Irish Bank, one of the most toxic in all of Ireland. They are put on notice that their actions will no longer be blindly tolerated  and they can expect this actions to be fault at every turn from this point forward.