Ben Gilroy Mentioned In A Song By Garry O’Brien

Hi folks. I know things have been a little quiet here at People For Economic Justice. Direct Democracy Ireland has been taking up most of our efforts, and I am pleased to say we are making good process. We are well on track to setting up a representative in each constituency, and we will soon launch a sub-domain on for each one, so you can all keep up with the goings on in your own area.

Rest assured more content is on the way for those purely interested in the fight to keep Irish people in their homes. For now however, take a look at this new track called “Ireland makes me…” by a fine young Irish artist called Garry O’Brien. Lyrics and his own words are below this video. All of the content below this paragraph is the copyright of Garry O’Brien.

Copyright Garry O’Brien:

Where do I start to tell you why I choose to leave
Nothing much behind but company of family
everything else is in the papers for you to read –
front to back of Irish crime, exception for page three.
The government knows exactly what this public needs. –
bill boards for Carlsberg, a dole card with free cheese?

50 jailed last year, no licensed TV.
woman dies from beastiality recently.
Anglo Irish Bank has us down on both our knees,
here’s your eviction notice curtiousy of your majesty.

I heard some things about the main man Pat Kenny,
he has a faced like a melted welly, just as smelly.
I seen you spending your tax return on black socks down in pennies
bank account is the same size of Mary Harneys belly.

Dave McSavage for president, who agree’s?
has some balls and knows the law to some degree.
Ben Gilroy for Taoiseach, I beg ya please.
basically a moral compass is all this country needs.

Musical culture has pertinently come to halt,
any questions or suggestions goes to Lewis Walsh,
if ya like this song, thanks to him yea its all his fault,
I wonder if he can take a drop kick with a pinch of salt.

And all you junky monkeys wrapped up in your Nike.
On behalf of the Normalites your full of shite,
you must have watched scar face nearly every night,
take the time to make a moped sound just like your voice

Here’s a sentence that my mammy said and made me think,
Ireland’s a small boat too many people will make it sink.
you lose it all plus your balls here before ya blink,
lets sing it all together, Ireland makes me sick.

© Garry O’Brien, all rights reserved.

“Musicians of Ireland, music is a global language, if you speak it, the wide world is waiting for you”

98FM Interview Ben Gilroy and Ray Whitehead

98FM who interviewed Ben GilroyFollowing the launch of Direct Democracy Ireland in Buswell’s Hotel on the 14th of November, 98FM got in touch. They were hoping to get Ray Whitehead and Ben Gilroy’s opinion on the demonstrations that went ahead around Europe in protest of the austerity measures being put in place, in the wake of the banking crisis.

The situation is many countries, particularly in Spain, was very serious. Sometimes descending into violence, the protests could be felt in neighbouring Portugal. In comparison to this, the demonstration in Ireland, attracted just 20 protesters.

The Interview With 98FM

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During the interview, Ray Whitehead gave an impassioned speech as to why he opted to found Direct Democracy Ireland. He discussed his time living in Switzerland, the only country in the world fully practising Direct Democracy. He pointed out the famous sense of ownership the people in Switzerland have over their towns, cities, and indeed country. In contrast, the people here in Ireland feel entirely disenfranchised  and entirely disconnected from this, our country. The interview at 98FM could only agree, and asked why the Irish people do not stand up and say “No More!”.

Ben Gilroy thinks that time is fast approaching. He himself became famous from standing in front of Sheriffs, and stated “No More!“. He then goes on to compare the current system in Ireland, quickly mentioning layer after layer of corruption. He points out that in a system of Direct Democracy, the bondholder payments would never be allowed to happen.

The time for complaining is gone. We know what happened, why know who did it. The Greeks recently began wearing T-Shirts in their protests stating “we are not the Irish”. While painful, can one really claim that it is undeserved? It is time take back our country.

Source: 98FM. Listen to more of their interviews here.

LMFM Interview With Ben Gilroy

LMFM who Interviewed Ben Gilroy

As you all may have read, we ran an article yesterday concerning the launch of Ireland’s newest political service, Direct Democracy Ireland. On the same day, Ben Gilroy travelled down to LMFM’s home town of Drogheda to give an interview on that same topic.

Over the course of the interview Ben and the radio host discussed the topic of the bailout of the bondholders in the Irish banks, and what would have happened had Articles 47 and 48 of the Constitution not been illegally removed 75 years ago.

On the night of the government’s secret bank guarantee Brian Lenihan would not have been able to sign off on the bailout. He would not have had the authority to indebt the people of the country to the banks in the sum of €64,000,000,000. Instead he would have simply told the people who allegedly persuaded him, that Ireland had a system called Direct Democracy and that in that system the government had a lawful duty call within days for a referendum to decide on this matter.

The LMFM Interview

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Ben and the host of course cover the topic of bank loans, and the general trials that People For Economic Justice find ourselves in. The host of LMFM reels at the news that far from being in possession of a mortgage contract with the defendant, that the bank in fact sold on those contracts, in batches numbering in the thousands, years beforehand. This practice as we all know is called Securitization.

In other news covered in interview, Ben won two cases last week in the Masters Court. He did this by challenging the court on its Subject Matter Jurisdiction. There are four legs to Subject Matter Jurisdiction. Without all four, the court cannot proceed. They are: The plaintiff  the defendant, the judge, and a competent witness. Can the bank provide a competent witness? Someone who directly witnessed the signing of the contract between the defendant and plaintiff? No so far anyway…

Source: LMFM Radio. Listen to more of their interviews here.