Midwest Radio Interview Ben Gilroy

Midwest Radio who interviewed Ben Gilroy

Today Ben Gilroy was interviewed by Midwest Radio. During this interview Ben discusses the talk held in Wicklow, featuring himself, Ray Whitehead, Clare Leonard and others. Ben also covers the usual bases with Midwest Radio, such as the unsecured bondholder repayments and the court case against the government.

During the interview, and during the talk, Ben talks about how democracy in Ireland is simple a politician turning up on your doorstep to ask for your vote based on certain promises, and then once in office essentially does whatever they please on any given issue. They then return in 5-7 years to see if you might give them your vote again. This culture of ignoring whatever mandate they receive simply must stop, and the solution is briefly mentioned in the interview. More on that afterwards.

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Direct Democracy As Discussed On Midwest Radio:

This is one of the earliest interviews in which Ben discovers the political party currently being set up called Direct Democracy Ireland. This party is entering the political spectrum with a single mission in mind: to restore the illegally removed final two articles from the Irish Constitution, which contained the right to direct democracy, as well as the right to remove people from political office if they failed to uphold the mandate that their local area put them in office to action.

Direct Democracy is a relatively simple political process, that was a part of the original 1922 Bunreacht Na hEireann, and was removed in the revised 1937 constitution. In this system, any citizen can bring about a referendum on any given topic, provided they can gather a predetermined amount of signatures in support of the issue’s being raised to a referendum. In the original wording of the constitution that number was 75,000. If this system had been in place at 2008, and a bailout of unguaranteed bondholders had been announced, how long would it have taken to gather that number of signatures  and what would have been the result of that referendum? We at People For Economic Justice don’t feel it would have taken more than an afternoon.

Source: Midwest Radio, listen to more of their interviews here.

Should You Listen To Brendan Burgess?

Brendan Burgess is a man who RTÉ roll out at the slightest talk of economic decent. Most recently he was wheeled out by RTÉ to offer an alternative point of view to that of Seamus Sherlock, who is currently attempting to save his house from repossession.

Here is a video of  Brendan Burgess advising people around the time of the bailout, that the low-priced shares of the Irish banks were NOT a sign of trouble in the pipeline (which we of course now know they most certainly were a sign of trouble), but that in fact we would look back at that point in time in years to come with a deep sense of regret for not “filling our boots” with shares, as they would increase exponentially in value.

The Sound Advise Of Brendan Burgess:

Our own favourite part would undoubtedly have to be at the very end when the presenter turns to Brendan Burgess and says “Well on your own head be it!”.

The point to take away from this is of course that for a so-called expert, Brendan Burgess has been wrong time and time again. Go to YouTube, enter “Brendan Burgess” into the search engine, and watch a few more videos. We’ll be willing to bet that you can’t make it to the end and still find him a credible source of financial information from before, during, and after the boom!

If you’d like an alternative view-point about Brendan Burgess, with a credibility worthy of Brendan Burgess then check out his personal site.

Who Are The Bondholders

Few realise that it was in fact People For Economic Justice who uncovered the full list of bondholders of the now defunct Anglo Irish Bank.

As we are all aware, Fine Gael ran a very successful campaign during the 2011 election. This campaign ran on a platform that marshaled around one convincing and powerful phrase: “Not one more cent!”. This promise was broken in record time upon Fine Gael and Labour taking office, when the Government stated that the repayment of the bondholders was paramount to securing funding from the so-called Troika (meaning Threesome in Russian) of The European Central Bank, The European Union, and The International Monetary Fund.

This out-and-out lie was proven false almost immediately. There were NO provisions what-so-ever in Ireland’s bailout deal, which sets the requirement of the repayment of bondholders. In addition to this revelation, Enda Kenny and his cabinet stated on no uncertain terms, on more than one occasion, that not only were they planning on repaying 36 billion of the Irish taxpayers money to these bondholders, but that they did not even know who these bondholders were!

Without further ado, let People For Economic Justice clear up any confusion the Government may have about who the bondholders are.

The Bondholders

List Of The Bondholders

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