Alchemy Radio Interview Ben Gilroy

Alchemy Radio jumps straight into the meat of things in their interview with Ben Gilroy. They immediately begin to discuss the lawsuit People For Economic Justice are bringing against the Office of the Taoiseach. Ben also jumps straight into the power of Direct Democracy, a power that was removed from the Irish Peoples Constitution (Bunreacht Na hÉireann).

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Alchemy Radio LogoThe Court Case As Discussed On Alchemy Radio

During the early parts of the interview, Ben goes through the main allegations he and People For Economic Justice will be bringing against the government in the court case. They are:

  1. The actions of The Taoiseach and The Minister of Finance in paying back unsecured debts to private banks whom took part in illegal activities is repugnant to the Constitution of Ireland.
  2. Said actions are a violation of the Constitution as these actions was convened during a night meeting with members of the last Fianna Fáil government, without the full support or knowledge of the Cabinet or Séanad.
  3. It is against best practices of international law, as it is an odious debt, because it was taken on by a Fianna Fáil regime that at best had a dubious leader and corrupt members as outlined in the Mahon Tribunal at the cost to the state in excess of €500,000,000, and it did not benefit people, instead becoming one of the most taxing debts ever since the formation of the state.
  4. The defendants do not have a mandate from the People of Ireland for such actions, but in fact they have put the promises made to the people second, behind promises made to the banking sector.
  5. The debt precipitates from an insoluble obfuscation of the currency, which perpetually multiplies debt on the populous, in such a way that eventually we the people can only suffer a terminal sum of debt, which makes it mathematically impossible even to maintain a vital circulation there after.
  6. Receiving bailouts from member states of the European Union or the European Central Bank to pay back private corporations is in conflict with the Lisbon Treaty.
Listen to the interview for a few shocking revelations. Like what two counties are the most rich in terms of natural resources within the European Union? How much does it cost to change two light bulbs in an Irish Garda station?

Source: Alchemy Radio, listen to more of their interviews here.

Sheriff Breaks into House

Vin from TNS Radio took a trip out to 171 Beaumont Road in Dublin today, camera in hand, at the request of Ben Gilroy. Ben arrived at the scene earlier on, to find that the owner of the house had been the victim of a breaking-and-entering. As luck would have it, the owners and their neighbours, whose house happened to be adjoined via hallway connection, had taken it upon themselves previously to install a camera system outside the house. Imagine Ben and the owners surprise to discover that the house had been broken into by a trained Locksmith, under the instructions of someone calling themselves “The Sheriff Of The City Of Dublin“.

In total, six people trespassed on the person’s property.

The Sheriff Of The City Of Dublin

What makes this instance even more interesting, is that the owner of 173 Beaumont Road, having owed no money what-so-ever, least of all someone called “The Sheriff Of The City Of Dublin“, had also had their furniture stolen. The 70-year-old in question attempted to alert “The Sheriff Of The City Of Dublin” while he was on the premises before Ben arrived, but the “The Sheriff Of The City Of Dublin” ignored this information and proceeded to steal the woman’s possessions. On top of all this, the owner of 171 Beaumont Road was sent into a cardiac event, and has had to be taken to nearby Beaumont Hospital.

Luckily the “The Sheriff Of The City Of Dublin” and the other thieves did not notice the camera system in another room. This will be of great use in demonstrating the unlawful theft of the woman’s property, as well as the events leading up to the man’s fight for his life in the nearby hospital. Two members of An Garda Síochána have attended the premises and they have stated outright that the contents of the video footage “does not seem right”. This matter will be taken up against “The Sheriff Of The City Of Dublin” in the commercial courts, and an official complaint has been raised with An Garda Síochána.

Man Falsely Arrested While Pat Rabbitte Looks On

Follow on from our visit to Savills earlier in the day, Ben Gilroy, People For Economic Justice, TNS Radio, and assorted citizens decided to go down the road to Buswells Hotel for a cup of tea and a chat. Shortly after arriving they noticed Minister For Communication Pat Rabbitte was in the corner having what appeared to be an executive lunch with an unknown gentleman. For the most part they went undisturbed, until one person approached the minister and voiced his opinions on the actions of the current Fine Gael/Labour coalition government.

The following video covers the man’s verbal attack on Pat Rabbitte.

John Rogers Arrested, Pat Rabbitte Pours More Tea

The events of the day do not end there however! The man was asked to leave, or the hotel management would call An Garda Síochána. The man then did so, but it soon transpired that the hotel management had opted to call An Garda Síochána regardless. On arrival, the Gardai asked where the man was, and the hotel manager pointed out John Rogers.

Arrest of John Rogers While Pat Rabbitte Looks On

Throughout the unknown mans encounter with Minster Rabbitte, John had remained fairly removed from the incident, and yet is now pointed out as the man who interrupted the ministers lunch. The Gardai approached John and asked him to leave. John asked why he should do so, as he was not involved in the incident. As the next video will show, John was then forcibly removed, by the Gardai who outright refused to answer any questions on the topic. Indeed, so intent where they to remove this completely innocent man, that they forced him to the floor before escorting him out the door, and on to Store Street Garda Station. John remained there for four hours, before being realised without charge.

This is where People For Economic Justice take issue with the matter. Pat Rabbitte was completely and totally aware that John Rogers was not the man who had approached him during his lunch. It was obvious to everyone, including Par Rabbitte’s lunch guest, that they were two totally different men. Why exactly did this Minister For Communication fail to communicate this to the Gardai? It would have been a matter of raising his hand to draw in the attention of either of the Gardai, and uttering the simple words “That isn’t the man who approached me”.

The video below shows the event in its entirety. John Rogers is currently preparing his case against the Gardai for false arrest.

More on this as and when it comes in.