98FM Interview Ben Gilroy and Ray Whitehead

98FM who interviewed Ben GilroyFollowing the launch of Direct Democracy Ireland in Buswell’s Hotel on the 14th of November, 98FM got in touch. They were hoping to get Ray Whitehead and Ben Gilroy’s opinion on the demonstrations that went ahead around Europe in protest of the austerity measures being put in place, in the wake of the banking crisis.

The situation is many countries, particularly in Spain, was very serious. Sometimes descending into violence, the protests could be felt in neighbouring Portugal. In comparison to this, the demonstration in Ireland, attracted just 20 protesters.

The Interview With 98FM

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During the interview, Ray Whitehead gave an impassioned speech as to why he opted to found Direct Democracy Ireland. He discussed his time living in Switzerland, the only country in the world fully practising Direct Democracy. He pointed out the famous sense of ownership the people in Switzerland have over their towns, cities, and indeed country. In contrast, the people here in Ireland feel entirely disenfranchised  and entirely disconnected from this, our country. The interview at 98FM could only agree, and asked why the Irish people do not stand up and say “No More!”.

Ben Gilroy thinks that time is fast approaching. He himself became famous from standing in front of Sheriffs, and stated “No More!“. He then goes on to compare the current system in Ireland, quickly mentioning layer after layer of corruption. He points out that in a system of Direct Democracy, the bondholder payments would never be allowed to happen.

The time for complaining is gone. We know what happened, why know who did it. The Greeks recently began wearing T-Shirts in their protests stating “we are not the Irish”. While painful, can one really claim that it is undeserved? It is time take back our country.

Source: 98FM. Listen to more of their interviews here.