Receiver Walls Farmer In

On February 16th, our own Ben Gilroy decided to take a break from the twenty-four-seven job that is being Leader of Direct Democracy Ireland to enjoy a barbecue with his friends and family. Little did Ben know that a receiver was perhaps intentionally taking advantage of Ben’s small amount of relaxation, in the nearby county of Kildare. A receiver decided that the best way to carry out his impropery signed and therefore invalid court order was to physically wall a farmer and his family into their house.

The farmers wall in question

A motto we love here at People For Economic Justice is “If my brother is in trouble. then so am I”. People for Economic Justice quickly mobilized and arranged for the wall to be removed.

What is about to happen to the farmers wall

And the of course, no prizes for what happened next.

And now the farmer can get in and out again

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  1. I am concerned that you destroyed the receiver’s property (the wall). The proper thing to do of course would be to return it in the shape you found it… in one piece sealing him into his home.

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