Mr. Tepper

Things got a bit quiet here at People For Economic Justice, thanks to the enormous amount of work required in Ben Gilroy’s campaign in the East Meath By-Election. Today however, we would like to introduce you to Mr Tepper. David Tepper is a hedge-fund manager who buys up the debt of companies and countries, particularly when they are in financial difficulties, and then trades them on for profit. The below is an interview Mr. Tepper had about an “incredible month” he had, dealing with the Bank of Ireland, the Irish Government, and by extension, the Irish People.

More after the video.

So there you have it. Having purchased a raft of unsecured subordinated bonds from the Bank of Ireland, Mr Tepper did not think it fair that the Bank of Ireland wanted to reduce the value of those bonds to a fair (read “market driven”) price. Mr Tepper decided that he would threaten to flex his legal muscles and sue the Bank of Ireland, and the Irish Government. This man is one of the Bondholders that our current Government promised to burn upon entry into power. This is one of the men who made billions at the expense of we the people.

One has to recognize that the very worst aspect of this video is the smug grin on Mr Tepper’s face as he gloats over his victory over our push-over Government and our push-over Bank.

At least we have a pretty decent song by Mick Blake to console us, but you would have to hope that something like this might just stir up a bit of anger amongst the currently sleeping Irish public. Please share this video far and wide, via whatever means you can. You can catch a few glimpses of the lavish mansion he treated himself to on the back of our Governments decision during the song.

Receiver Walls Farmer In

On February 16th, our own Ben Gilroy decided to take a break from the twenty-four-seven job that is being Leader of Direct Democracy Ireland to enjoy a barbecue with his friends and family. Little did Ben know that a receiver was perhaps intentionally taking advantage of Ben’s small amount of relaxation, in the nearby county of Kildare. A receiver decided that the best way to carry out his impropery signed and therefore invalid court order was to physically wall a farmer and his family into their house.

The farmers wall in question

A motto we love here at People For Economic Justice is “If my brother is in trouble. then so am I”. People for Economic Justice quickly mobilized and arranged for the wall to be removed.

What is about to happen to the farmers wall

And the of course, no prizes for what happened next.

And now the farmer can get in and out again

Ben Gilroy Mentioned In A Song By Garry O’Brien

Hi folks. I know things have been a little quiet here at People For Economic Justice. Direct Democracy Ireland has been taking up most of our efforts, and I am pleased to say we are making good process. We are well on track to setting up a representative in each constituency, and we will soon launch a sub-domain on for each one, so you can all keep up with the goings on in your own area.

Rest assured more content is on the way for those purely interested in the fight to keep Irish people in their homes. For now however, take a look at this new track called “Ireland makes me…” by a fine young Irish artist called Garry O’Brien. Lyrics and his own words are below this video. All of the content below this paragraph is the copyright of Garry O’Brien.

Copyright Garry O’Brien:

Where do I start to tell you why I choose to leave
Nothing much behind but company of family
everything else is in the papers for you to read –
front to back of Irish crime, exception for page three.
The government knows exactly what this public needs. –
bill boards for Carlsberg, a dole card with free cheese?

50 jailed last year, no licensed TV.
woman dies from beastiality recently.
Anglo Irish Bank has us down on both our knees,
here’s your eviction notice curtiousy of your majesty.

I heard some things about the main man Pat Kenny,
he has a faced like a melted welly, just as smelly.
I seen you spending your tax return on black socks down in pennies
bank account is the same size of Mary Harneys belly.

Dave McSavage for president, who agree’s?
has some balls and knows the law to some degree.
Ben Gilroy for Taoiseach, I beg ya please.
basically a moral compass is all this country needs.

Musical culture has pertinently come to halt,
any questions or suggestions goes to Lewis Walsh,
if ya like this song, thanks to him yea its all his fault,
I wonder if he can take a drop kick with a pinch of salt.

And all you junky monkeys wrapped up in your Nike.
On behalf of the Normalites your full of shite,
you must have watched scar face nearly every night,
take the time to make a moped sound just like your voice

Here’s a sentence that my mammy said and made me think,
Ireland’s a small boat too many people will make it sink.
you lose it all plus your balls here before ya blink,
lets sing it all together, Ireland makes me sick.

© Garry O’Brien, all rights reserved.

“Musicians of Ireland, music is a global language, if you speak it, the wide world is waiting for you”