Ben Gilroy Mentioned In A Song By Garry O’Brien

Hi folks. I know things have been a little quiet here at People For Economic Justice. Direct Democracy Ireland has been taking up most of our efforts, and I am pleased to say we are making good process. We are well on track to setting up a representative in each constituency, and we will soon launch a sub-domain on for each one, so you can all keep up with the goings on in your own area.

Rest assured more content is on the way for those purely interested in the fight to keep Irish people in their homes. For now however, take a look at this new track called “Ireland makes me…” by a fine young Irish artist called Garry O’Brien. Lyrics and his own words are below this video. All of the content below this paragraph is the copyright of Garry O’Brien.

Copyright Garry O’Brien:

Where do I start to tell you why I choose to leave
Nothing much behind but company of family
everything else is in the papers for you to read –
front to back of Irish crime, exception for page three.
The government knows exactly what this public needs. –
bill boards for Carlsberg, a dole card with free cheese?

50 jailed last year, no licensed TV.
woman dies from beastiality recently.
Anglo Irish Bank has us down on both our knees,
here’s your eviction notice curtiousy of your majesty.

I heard some things about the main man Pat Kenny,
he has a faced like a melted welly, just as smelly.
I seen you spending your tax return on black socks down in pennies
bank account is the same size of Mary Harneys belly.

Dave McSavage for president, who agree’s?
has some balls and knows the law to some degree.
Ben Gilroy for Taoiseach, I beg ya please.
basically a moral compass is all this country needs.

Musical culture has pertinently come to halt,
any questions or suggestions goes to Lewis Walsh,
if ya like this song, thanks to him yea its all his fault,
I wonder if he can take a drop kick with a pinch of salt.

And all you junky monkeys wrapped up in your Nike.
On behalf of the Normalites your full of shite,
you must have watched scar face nearly every night,
take the time to make a moped sound just like your voice

Here’s a sentence that my mammy said and made me think,
Ireland’s a small boat too many people will make it sink.
you lose it all plus your balls here before ya blink,
lets sing it all together, Ireland makes me sick.

© Garry O’Brien, all rights reserved.

“Musicians of Ireland, music is a global language, if you speak it, the wide world is waiting for you”

3 thoughts on “Ben Gilroy Mentioned In A Song By Garry O’Brien

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  1. Why the homophobic comments about the presenter of TV bingo, Is “People for econcomic Justice” a homophobic political party? Please clarify.

    • 1) People For Economic Justice isn’t a political party. Direct Democracy Ireland is a political party. People For Economic Justice are a group dedicated to halting evictions.
      2) The words you are referencing are quite clearly in the section of the singers own words.

      If you wish to discuss the matter with him, you can find him by following the link at the bottom of the article.

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