First Response From The National Lottery

Many of you will be aware that on September 9th, People For Economic Justice dispatched a letter to Ireland’s National Lottery, highlighting to them our concerns in regards to their use of KPMG as their independent auditors. Today we received a less than illuminating response from them. You can find the responses below, along with a scanning of each of the actual letters involved. If you haven’t read our original letter to the National Lottery, we suggest you do so before continuing.

The National Lottery’s First Response:

19th September
Mr. Ben Gilroy
People For Economic Justice,
28 Riverview,
Athlumney Abbey,
Co. Meath 

Dear Mr Gilroy,

First Response From The National Lottery

First Response From The National Lottery (Warning: Image Quite Large)

Thank you for your recent correspondence in relation to the National Lottery’s independent auditors, KPMG.

The company KPMG were appointed as independent auditors for the National Lottery through a public procurement process. In accordance with public procurement guidelines the invitation to tender for this contract were advertised on It was open to interested auditing companies in the European Union. KPMG was selected as the most economically advantageous tender of those received. The National Lottery has entered into a contract with KPMG for its services. Our relationships with all of our suppliers are governed by contractual terms. KPMG has consistently met all of their contractual obligations to the National Lottery.

I understand from your letter that you are dissatisfied in your dealings with KPMG and would suggest that you contact KPMG directly to convey your concerns.

Yours sincerely

Declan Harrington
Head of Finance 

It doesn’t take much to notice a few problems with the above response. Firstly (we are by no means disappointed that someone of authority in The National Lottery dealt with the letter) the letter was not address to Declan Harrington, but to Dermot Griffin, the Chief Executive Officer of The National Lottery. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the response above does not address a single concern raised in our original letter. Our response below will hopefully correct these issues, and more.

Our First Reply To The National Lottery

Mr Declan Harrington
Cc: Mr Dermot Griffin
National Lottery,
Abbey Street Lower,
Dublin 1
20th September 2012

Dear Declan,

Our First Reply To The National Lottery

Our First Reply To The National Lottery (Warning: Image Quite Large)

Thank you for your prompt reply. I must say that it was quite a cold corporate response to what was a true human tragic concern of one of the causes of suicide. I was a bit disappointed that Mr Griffin, to whom the letter was addressed, couldn’t take time to reply to the concerns raised by the many people around the country.

Declan, as head of finance, I’m not really sure why the grave concerns of a growing number of discontented people around the country should fall in your remit. While I don’t want to seem ungrateful for a reply I wasn’t asking anything about your finances.

Your letter describes the way on tenders for the position that KPMG now hold. My letter merely complained of who they are and the practices they conduct around the country. The letter states that you have a contract with KPMG and they meet their contractual obligations. The inference is taken that once they do what they are paid to do, it is of no concern to your company what they do or how they act to your customers the length and breadth of the country. I am reminded of the legal maxim “He who contracts, knows, or ought to know, the quality of the person with whom he contracts, otherwise he is not excusable”.

Perhaps in the future your company will choose more wisely, when contract with companies like KPMG, and won’t only consider the most “economically advantageous” company, because in the long run, they may turn out to be the most costly, for all of us. 

Update From The National Lottery?

As of Saturday 24th of February 2018 The National Lottery have yet to respond. We will post the update as a new article if and when it arrives.

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  1. I believe that the whole debacle called the Celtic Tiger was a set up to get everyone into debt so that there would be total control of people. In the past, when the Irish people were attacked by outsiders, they were, to some degree, self sufficient, They could grow food and had turf and other help such as bartering. Now we have painted ourselves into a corner, as it were with the debt that is hanging over the heads of the people, not just in this country but right across the world. This is not a co-incedence. This is well thought out and planned and when we voted for the first Treaty of the EEC we started nailing our coffins. The people in this country are asleep and don’t realise what is happening. The big multinationals and the banks are in this together and the goal is one world government, one world currency and total control of the people. We will shortly be forced to take the chip which will be as a result of a cashless society and the banks have started moving out already. Our children will be controlled by the State instead of by their parents and like the banking disaster and the economic crash, it will all have happened and will be too late before the people will wake up. Personally, I think we have gone too far down the road to do anything about our situation now. I would love to think that a new party and the uprising of the Irish people as well as those in other European countries could stop what is happening but I won’t hold my breath. We are a nation of people who do what they are told by their ‘betters’ and they throw an odd ‘good european’ award at us to keep us happy every now and then. Writing to the National Lottery about KPMG will not do much good I believe because we are gone far beyond that. They don’t care. Why would they when they have all the control and we are only the dictated to.

    • Never Give up! This is exactly what the Corporations want. For you to sit down give up and let them steam roll over you without any trouble. This would be very much more convenient for them. Riot control is such a problem these days.
      Giving up is what causes the suicide rate of 600 lives a year. What do these souls have to live for if everyone around them starts giving up. Be Better off that these people join forces and fight for a cause worth fighting for and expend their lives fighting these minority giants.
      The thing is these corporations know if we all stand up at once thay CAN NOT win. how can this minority few win against millions of people all standing up at once.
      Stand you ground.

  2. I should have said, the very best of luck with whatever you decide to do and I will certainly be supportive in any way I can if a new party is set up.

  3. Firstly, Look up common purpose, secondly ask them why there are 3 “6’s” embedded into their logo (the thumbs up sign) and thirdly, ask them if the words “money is the root of all evil” mean anything? Would love to hear them “answer” those!

  4. Dear Ben and Associates,

    Congratulations on tackling life destroying issues for unfortunate borrowers/home/business owners.

    If I can be of assistance in any way in my professional capacity in addressing values I would be happy to do so.The vultures( banks,receivers, liquidators,sherriffs,legal eagles) you talk about have access to information on impending distressed sales/receiverships and no doubt many with this information will be found to have upgraded their homes/locations in the coming years.

    Estate agents are making it known when a distressed sale ( selling below cost) is on the market. What chance the owners of getting even a fair price.The banks conveniently play their cards close to their chest ensuring that accountability for the reckless part of their lending portfolios are shrouded in the ”toxic loans” figures.They ask for and want people to open up and be transparent whilst they deal with each case as individual, Very convenient.

    Overstated bank assett values will require further bailouts as property wallows outside the capital a below cost rates. Ther is no future for the construction sector until the backlog is dealt with.These properties need to be made available at auction rates allowing the next traunch of buyers to buy value with a prospect of adding value going forward.

    Good luck with your challenges from one who has already been stripped of all financial assetts/business. However they cannot take what is in my head.

    Your fight for transparency and accountability for all as we strive for a fair and equitable society free from the burden of time wasting, effort and money required to expose accountability is commendable and worthy of support. Accountability for all will deliver that dream.

    Best Of Luck.
    Denis Finn.

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