A Solicitor for €25000 or Ben Gilroy for 20c?

Given the option, what would you choose? Hire a solicitor, who makes no guarantee of results, to the point where he wont even trust himself to win enough money with which to you can pay said solicitor? A solicitor who still expects payment even if he does not advance your cause in the slightest? Or alternatively ask Ben Gilroy to help? Ben Gilroy who has a proven track record of halting even the most tenacious Receivers and Sheriffs, and who will ask for nothing more than the price of a pint, or maybe a few euro’s towards a tank of petrol to and from the court?

Doesn’t seem like a difficult decision…

One important point mentioned in this video is the useful tool called the Mackensi Friend. This is the simple rule of court, where in  a person who might be too nervous to represent themselves, and to indebted to the banks to have a hope of paying for a solicitor, to have a friend stand beside them and speak on their behalf. This allows Ben Gilroy be speak for just about any home owner.

The Mind of Ben Gilroy

One instance occurred where in Ben was about to stand as Mackensi Friend for a man. The banks solicitor immediately objected at the start of the proceedings. When the judge asked to what the solicitor was objecting, the solicitor pointed at Ben Gilory and said “HIM!”. The judge asked the solicitor to explain, and the solicitor stated that they were not suing the man, but in fact were suing the company (whose name was exactly the same as the man) and therefore the rule of the Mackensi Friend did not apply in this case. The defendant asked for a short break as he had not been expecting this, and the request was granted.

Outside the courtroom, Ben instructed the man to call to order an emergency meeting of his companies directors. The man did this, with a look of confusion on his face. Ben then stated “Vote me in as a director”, which the man did with a look of dawning comprehension on his face. Ben then lead them back into the court, and upon the Judge declaring the court was now in session, Ben immediately stood up and launched into a speak, beginning with: “Speaking as a director…”. The solicitors face fell.

Just goes to show you, there is always a way around a problem. As always thanks to TNS Radio for this video.

What Are Your Thoughts?