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Direct Democracy Ireland, mentioned at the Talk in WicklowWe spend a lot of our time here at People for Economic Justice, putting out the fires that have sprung up all over the country as a result of disastrous economic decisions made since 2008. Those fires of course arise in the form of Sheriffs and Receivers. One area that is equally important to keeping people in their homes however, is the basic question: how on earth was this situation allowed to occur? How on earth was our country allowed to go from a period of economic boom, to economic bust, literally overnight? Well let’s take a proper look at that night.

On that fateful night in 2008, the banks for all intents and purposes, took a very ill man, Brian Lenihan into a room, and seemingly persuaded him to validate their breaking of serious banking liquidity laws, by signing over the banks private debt into ‘Sovereign debt’. At what point did the Irish people allow any one man, even the Minister for Finance, to have the awe-inspiring power of loading €64,000,000,000 in debt onto our backs, in the middle of the night, by the simple stroke of a pen?

The answer may be quite simple. In Bunreacht na hEireann (The Irish Constitution), our founding fathers left us a very powerful right. This right was and is referred to as Direct Democracy. In simple terms, Direct Democracy is the right of ANY citizen, to gather a certain number of signatures from fellow citizens (in the case of Ireland’s Direct Democracy, this was 75,000 signatures), with which they may call a Referendum on any topic. In real terms, had our right to Direct Democracy still been in effect, 75,000 signatures would have been gathered the same afternoon as the bank bailout was announced, in order to stop it, and ‘The People’ could have decided whether a private corporation was worth the economic destruction of the entire State.

This of course begs the question, if we had Direct Democracy in the first place, where did it go? Short answer:-

This vital function was removed by the Government. Upon entering power in the newly formed Irish Free State, Direct Democracy was immediately seen as a threat to the political class, and they used a loop-hole in the new Constitution to remove it.

This loop-hole, Article 50, was a right the Constitution granted to the sitting government, to ‘amend’ certain aspects of the Constitution. On removing or changing anything in the Constitution, the Government was obliged, by that same Constitution, to present this change for ratification to the people within a period of 2 years. The Government extended this period to 8 years and at the end of that period they extended the period by another 8 years, effectively denying the people of Ireland their right to hold a referendum on what they had done.

This was done under protest as there were 97,000 signatures gathered and presented to the Government against what the Government had done. These signatures were completely ignored. The excuse was ‘We are not denying you your right to hold a referendum on what we have taken out of the constitution, but rather we are putting it off for a while, to a later date’. This date never came.

In 1937, a new Constitution was drafted. This was the second Constitution. The Government put into our Constitution that they “retain the right of Referendum” along with any other changes that had been made in the interim. As it had at this point been 16 years, no one seemed to realise that the Government never had the right of Referendum to retain in the first place and it was never raised as an issue when the second Constitution was drafted. YOU, the Irish Citizen, were the owner of this right denied by the first Irish Free State Government (which incidentally, was a Fine Gael Government).

Moving Forward: Direct Democracy Ireland

Moving forward over 70 years, Raymond Whitehead, a one-time resident of Switzerland, the only country in the world where in Direct Democracy is fully practised, came across the revelation that we the Irish once had this right as well. He immediately set about fighting to bring it back, and formed the group (at the time) Direct Democracy Ireland. He rapidly gathered the 300 members required in forming a Political Party, and as of the 14th of November 2012, he has succeeded. On this date, Direct Democracy Ireland will officially launch in Buswell’s Hotel in Dublin, at 2pm, with Ben Gilroy as its party leader. All are welcome.

The beauty of Direct Democracy lies in one simple truth: Corruption and Party Politics are effectively impossible, under the imposing glare of Direct Democracy. No political party can steer our country towards their agenda, as all important decisions would ultimately land at the doorstep of the Irish voter. This is why you can trust Direct Democracy Ireland. We have one goal: Direct Democracy. If you want to know our “policies” on any other given issue, then you need only take a vote.

At this point it is my personal hope that you are reading this, wondering how you can get involved, and bring back the awesome power of Direct Democracy to the Irish People. The most effective way to do this is simple: Join the Party. Does joining the Party mean that in 2016 you are suddenly obliged to run for government? No it most certainly does not. Joining the Party allows us to build a critical mass of votes to get people who do wish to run, into Government. Upon entering Government, Direct Democracy Ireland will focus on two key tasks. Objective one is restoring Articles 47 and 48 to the Constitution (one article covered the right of Direct Democracy, the other covered the right of Recall, which is the power to remove any TD who is not living up to his election mandate, and replace him with someone willing to take on that mandate). The second objective is to ensure that no loop-hole in the law can EVER allow these rights to be removed from us again.

Join today. Give yourself back your personal power. This country and its assets belong to we the people, not the politicians.

- Ben Gilroy

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  1. ben i think what you are doing is just wonderfull may god bless you. we need a new voice that will be heard. WILL BE THERE ON THE 14 . LETS BUILD THE FUTURE TOGETHER AND A NEW PARTY SLOGAN FOR YOU.. GOD BLESS I

  2. Good on you Ben, best wishes for you, you will have all these lying politicians shaking in there boots with your in the face confrontation, the establishment will truly be rocked, and hope it brings a new era in an bullshit free Ireland, Im hoping to be there on the 14th to support you in every way I can……

  3. Great stuff lads and lassies. Ireland so needs Direct Democracy back in the hands of the people as well as Article 47 & 48. Wouldn’t it be great to kick Enda out, given he has failed miserably to deliver on his election mandate!

    May God be with you and I wish you much success.

    Le meas.

  4. We show the People through our free Talks, how not to be evicted or pay NOTICES for household charges and eflow charges and unlawful income tax. Remember a NOTICE in law is NOT a bill. Return to sender is the key to much of our methods in making this these NOTICES void.
    You do not have to go to Court as long as one has not broken Law,ie cause harm loss or injury. A summons is only an ‘invitation’ to attend a hearing on an ‘allegation’ an Advanced Corporation Tax was …’offended’.

  5. Myself and a lot of people I know are astonished at reading this and will be supporting this party ALL THE WAY. Well done to all of you. The People of Eire need to take this initiative and run with it. A new Party, a new movement and a new direction. Sign me up!

  6. Great stuff Ben, I will see you on the 14th at 2pm, with my full support! I have reposted the above on and will continue to work at spreading the news about PFEJ and Debt Options the two most worthy causes in the name of the Irish People at this time, thankfully people are waking up everyday! Lots of work to do before 2016 by I am up for it! Take Care

  7. Ben, i nearly vomited after reading the following post on, it’s about the 200 people suing the banks, we sure need Men like you and Women like your friend to step up, we are dealing with absolute scum of the earth if this post is the truth, i’m going to stop paying my F======= Mortgage in protest, i’m with you all the way 1000000% !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Originally Posted by potholedogger

    What fool would buy the tracker mortgages? If the mortgages were sold along with the default risk why are the banks broke?


    The trackers were mixed in with the variables, in groups of 40000 mortgages, then cut in small pieces called securities, which were sold to various investors like other banks, pension funds, or even private individuals. It’s like buying shares in a pool of mortgages, for which the banks were already payed in full, by these investors.

    The reason why the banks are still broke, even tho all the mortgages were payed for in the past, is that they have used the money raised in the security markets, to lend to builders who are now ”not able” to pay the banks back.

    So Nama was created to give the banks 50% of these loans, thinking that would be enough to keep them afloat, but no, the banks needed 100% of the loans to be payed back. Plus, they were expecting everyone else to be good and keep paying the mortgage so that the holders of these securities could get their monthly repayments, and never call their bluff.

    Each security, entitles the holder to get a monthly percentage of the interest and capital payed by the 40000 mortgage holders, the very people who are now in trouble and have stopped paying.

    So the myth that the mortgage holder owes the bank can be easily challenged in court, because the banks are nothing more than brokers, middle agents, each mortgage is in reality owed to hundreds of security holders, the bank is a vehicle who deducts the monthly amount from your account, only to deposit it every month in hundreds of security and bond holders accounts, who are also being payed in full by the taxpayer because the banks aren’t able to, because they were playing with money they never had in the first place.

    It is also a myth to say that it’s the taxpayers who will have to pay for the defaulters, the taxpayers have already payed for the deafulters, and continue to pay, next month we will pay another billion to the bondholders.

    The purpose of this scam was to get payed 3 times ( by the mortgage holder, by the security holder, and by the bond/share holder as the bank grew ”bigger and stronger”) for each mortgage that was sold, and no would suspect anything as long as the builder continued so sell homes, and the mortgage holder continued to pay the mortgage.

    Well, this beautiful criminal ponzi scheme will soon collapse, there is a second massive crisis unfolding, because the mortgage holders are now playing hard ball, and you know what, it’s about time they did.

  8. Until de greedy few are hangin from de rafters worldwide we are at nothing and also democracy is mob rule governments should only be formed when bridges need building and such and then disbanded as soon as they are built. Thats a government by and for de people. These people have been depriving us of our freedom on behalf of a few sick puppies for so long time to stop living by their banksters rules. De jig is up pow

  9. To Ben and all the good people…

    I support both of DDI’s objectives wholeheartedly and will come along to the launch on the 14th.

    I have one concern about ‘Direct Democracy’ via a referendum. And it’s this, who will count the votes? Can we trust the State to count correctly and be truthful? I don’t think so. Perhaps DDI have a solution for this too.

    I think you’re doing great work and I hope vast numbers of people support you all the way.

  10. Hi I’ve read your documentation and I think it’s great that Irish people are doing something to take back the country. I wonder if I am alone in feeling so despondent and cynical about the whole political scenario here? How long will it take before this party too gets sucked into the power vacuum and the cronyism and the narcissism? I’m 50 yrs of age and I’ve seen many political parties come and go, many promises made and reneged on, many seemingly honourable men and women enter politics idealistic and emerge being a part of the “turn a blind eye” and “jobs for the boys” culture. Convince me that that will not happen here guys please–CS

  11. i’m 50 years old too and i share all your concerns however any issue you don’t agree with in Direct Democracy or Government you can get a number of votes and call a referendum thats Democracy!

  12. Hi Ben, I don’t believe for a moment that the Irish Banks forced the Finance Minister to cover the bad bank loans – I think it went higher than that to the ECB. If fact when Brian would not do their bidding later and accept the so-called bale-out, one of the ECB governors went on radio to force him to do so!

    I wrote about this on my blog

  13. I am disappointed that this meeting is being held during the day on a weekday. Maybe people working in the city could work around going instead of taking lunch, but those of us working elsewhere are excluded from attending :(.

  14. Direct Democracy is a good idea and should be in the Constitution.
    However to say that it was illegally removed from the 1937 Constitution is wrong. IT was removed from the 1922 Constitution, the 1937 Constitution was a brand new Constitution it was not a carry on of the 1922 one. So the people voted for a Constitution that did not contain direct democracy. So we are stuck with that.

  15. We the people have a weapon that we haven’t fully used yet. What would happen if we all stopped paying our mortgages and loans?
    2 or 3 months of such strike would not be long enough to get everyone evicted, but it would sure hurt the banksters right where it is hurting us, in the pocket!
    They could even go officially bankrupt, a silent protest i propose, only 20% of people have stopped paying, there are 80% of fools cutting on food to pay these fat robbers, we owe them nothing, we should pay the security holders instead, if they ever show their face.

    • I have been advocating this for over a year now and am thought a loon. I still think it would work, hit the banks where it really hurts and if every Irish person did it, what could the banks and Government do? We’d bring them both to their knees!

    • I stopped paying all my loans years ago (non secured) and only 10% of my mortgage, if they don’t like it, I give them a lecture on origins of money (comes out of thin air etc) and banker manipulation throughout history. It’s all a con to convert fresh air money into grabbing real tangible assets by flooding credit and then cut it off when Glodman Sachs says so.

  16. Fully support this, we need recall democracy and contract politics (your manifesto, on which people elect you, MUST be enacted, or you’re out, also politicians who commit criminal acts also out and byelection held to replace), referenda on every key decision (not just constitutional changes) e.g. if some banker (private employee of a bust private company) is being paid half a mill quid pension, this should be cut to state pension only and let the courts deal with their redress. I could go on and on. Pity I missed the launch today but I’m well up for this. By the way listen to Ben on Alchemy radio, great interview!

  17. A great cause keep it up, but the next election will be held in 2016, a lot of people won’t be able to take 4 more years of horrendus pain, we need action now, if you Love your Country the best thing you can do is to stop all payments on mortgages, credit cards, loans, and spend the money locally, don’t go on mad holidays, stay and spend it in the real economy, otherwise you are only supporting fat pensions, bonuses and golden parachutes.

  18. been begging yanks, brits and ozzies to stand up for many years, without success. the political guild rightly ignores democracy, as they would have to work for a living with people watching. but the biggest obstacle is not the elite, who are few and fragile.

    most people are content to be cows, if they are raised to it. best of luck, as eire and the world cannot survive without democracy.

    • what happend to all the press that where at the event yesterday nothing in this morning indo ther silence says enough ben i think they dont like what you do ,so lets get on with it

  19. Would be nice to see some actual Democracy in this Country. I think Ben has being doing a lot of good work.
    Am interested though, if democracy can only exist through the consent of the people, what happens when you don’t consent to others making decisions for you?

  20. i would just like to say Once again , Thankyou for the education that was promised so many years ago, but was never received untill now . I have, as a member of the defence force, found my self under fire in places like lebannon , but found that i had the right tools to deal with the situation . I feel the same now with your education , we now have the right tools to fight back . or defend .

  21. Hi Ben,
    I think that the fault in Irish Democracy may be very simple and require a very simple solution.
    The fault is the whip system which our political parties copied from the British and use in the Dail.
    These last few days shows how three school teachers and another produced a shockingly unfair budget and forced it through.
    Suppose that all Dail votes were secret. It would change everything.
    If secret votes are thought essential for general elections to prevent rigging and vote buying and intimidation – surely it is even more important in the parliament.

    Suppose how carefully the government would draft laws if all TDs could vote secretly on them.


  22. Well done Ben tell me is there any sort of e-mail with Links to this webpage, as i am sure there is a lot of people that i know would be interested in learning about People For Economic Justice

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