Constitution Halts Sheriff: What Happened Next!

This week Ben outlines what happened following the viral events of Constitution Halts Sheriff. Ben was informed later on in the week that the Sheriff had returned at an undisclosed time, again with several members of An Garda Siochana in tow. They proceeded to kick down the door, ejected the family from their home, and took possession of the house. While one can see why the so-called Sheriff found this option a lot more manageable than proving why his role is not totally unlawful under the Constitution of Ireland, it does highlight further acts of gross misconduct on the part of both this man, and the Gardai that were with him at the time.

Given that this was an entirely Civil matter, An Garda Siochana had no business what so ever in being there, let alone kicking in the door. As we know, a citizen’s house is totally inviolable save as to law. As this man has broken no law, An Garda Siochana had no right to enter his property without his express permission.

As Ben mentions in this video, there is currently a constitutional challenge against these measures in courts. This is due to the fact that the registrar who writes orders to repossess homes in the circuit courts of Ireland, are almost always in fact the Sheriff who will execute this order. This is totally unlawful, as it allows the registrar to directly profit from the orders he or she writes. This is in a nutshell a lack of separation of powers.

Let me close this article by re-mentioning the feature-length documentary, spoke about at the close of the movie. Please assist in any way you can in getting this information to the people. A donate button can be found on the right hand side of every page of this websites, and every donation, no matter how big or how small gets us one step closer.

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    • Hi Noel,

      The man in question had been fighting for a very long time before they contacted us, and was already quite emotionally drained. Shortly after the incident in Constitution Halts Sheriff, the Sheriff contacted him saying he was going to come “like a thief in the night” with the repossession order. We informed the man that this was totally illegal, and put him in a very strong position, but he decided his families mental and emotional well being needed to come first. We of course could not argue against that, and he surrendered the property voluntarily.

  1. Sorry to hear this family lost their home :(

    Can this challenge still be used in other eviction cases ?
    And if so, is there anything to stop the sheriff from turning up and forcing eviction anyway ?

    ps: Love the site and all the great work u guys are doing !!!!

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