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Details About The Ben Gilroy Show

Please share this folks. A group of my friends have set up a TV Network Channel called IRELAND’S INDEPENDENT NETWORK. Here is the first pilot show, The Ben Gilroy Show, featuring myself interviewing Garda whistleblower John Wilson.

The idea of this channel is to give a voice to the unheard, and cover topics rarely discussed on RTE such as, Fluoride, banking, the legal system and courts, repossessions, the freemen, the freemasons, fracking, oil and gas, turf cutting, shell to sea, and anything that the people want to discuss. Please don’t go too hard on me for the pilot show and claim it’s a DDI propaganda machine I promise it isn’t and wont be, but as it’s a pilot show and nobody has heard about it yet its difficult to get guests for the first show.

We hope to have other small independent filmmakers display their talents on the channel and any other ideas are welcome, but now we have a serious platform for all voices to be heard.

We ran our pilot show, The Ben Gilroy Show, to AERTV and they are willing to broadcast on their platform at we also hope to broadcast on a SKY channel soon. We hope to fund this by selling small cheap ads to small to medium enterprises who couldn’t normally afford such ads.

Please enjoy, comment, suggest guests or topics or ideas all appreciated. Please share to anyone you think would like to be a guest or other.

Ben Gilroy

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  1. Well done, you will find the freemasonry topic very interesting, it’s a extremely demonic organisation, but the fools on the lower tiers never find this out until they reach the 33rd stage. Most top bankers, top company directors and indeed TD’s are members. You will also see many freemasonry symbols around Dublin. It’s a breathing ground for organised corruption. They mask their activities by doing good deeds such as fund raising a sick child etc etc. but these are all deceptive fronts.

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