Final Day of Ben Gilroy Contempt of Court Trial Approaches

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The final day of the Ben Gilroy contempt of court case is this Thursday. Sorry we haven’t been keeping you abreast of the developments, but we’ve all been busy making sure Ben wins the day!

Two very good articles on the topic can be found on Awaken Longford. The author was present on each day upon which he makes comment.

Articles on Ben Gilroy Contempt of Court Case

Firstly check out what happened when a “Director of Savilles” took to the stand and was questioned at length by Ben Gilroy. As the article very astutely states… you just couldn’t make this stuff up. Even the mainstream media had to admit that the receivers affidavit contained plain old falsehoods.

We’ve all heard the phrase “three strikes and your out”. I wonder if four strikes will be enough to convince the judge as to the questionable nation of the receivers entire case. This is a great article as to how we are fixed ahead of the verdict being delivered tomorrow.

Final day of Ben Gilroy contempt of court case approaches

As always we want to thank everyone for their continued support. Ben’s final day will be in Court No. 3, with the verdict being delivered at a later date. All are welcome but as always please have the mobiles switched off, dress accordingly, and maintain your demeanor. The other side will look for any reason to clear the court of spectators.

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  1. I think a distinction needs to be made between Ben Gilroy’s legitimate right to represent the persecuted and those who are exploiting loopholes in the law to evade justice.

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