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People For Economic JusticePeople For Economic Justice was founded in late 2011 by Ben Gilroy, John Squires, and a handful of other ordinary people on the ground. Ben Gilroy and the other founders were all facing negative equity and mortgage debt at  the time, and could see no real way out from under the massive strain being applied on them from the banks they owed money to.

People For Economic Justice is a non-profit and non political organization, formed to support and educate ordinary people on their right to lawfully challenge the banking institutions. These same banking institution  as is common knowledge, received a massive bailout overnight, in September of 2008, which saves them from the brink of collapse. This bailout came at the direct expense of the Irish People. The banks have chosen to repay this assistance by forcing home owners and business owners out onto the street, taking their possessions from them. This is done because of the people’s inability to pay back the debts they owe. The inability to do so, of course stems directly from the bank bailout that sank the country into a deep recession.

The aims of People For Economic Justice are:

  • To lawfully challenge the repossession of homes.
  • To keep people in their homes.
  • To lawfully challenge all financial debt.
  • To educate people in the lawful challenge of debt.
  • To support people in difficult situations.

Please help and support Ben Gilroy and People For Economic Justice in any way you can. More importantly however, please help and support each other in any way you can. Watch the videos of Ben lawfully halting sheriffs and receivers. Educate yourself, and use the rights that you as an Irish Citizen were granted at the signing of the Irish Constitution.

Always remember, that in the Irish Constitution, it specifically states “The Dwelling Of Every Citizen Is Inviolable And Shall Not Be Forcibly Entered Save In Accordance With Law”. Use that right.

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  1. Greetings Ben and John have been listening to you both on recordings on TNS, keep up the good work and thanks for sticking up for those being pushed over. I,m down under and learning all I can to make a similar stand over In NZ

    cheers Dex

  2. Absolutely heroic work being done by Ben and everyone involved. The way our Constitution is being disregarded by the political and judicial establishment is deeply worrying. Everyone in Ireland needs to know their God given rights as human beings! We’re not commodities for the banks to make money!

    Keep up the good work! Beidh an t-ádh libh!

  3. There hasn’t been 1 day in the last 4 years that i haven’t felt sick, i mean sick, when reading the papers.
    You SIr are a Hero, for what you have LAWFULLY achieved so far, because the most unbelievable thing for the small people like me, is that the law is actually on your side.

    Please keep opening the eyes of all the poor blind sheep in this country, and there are many many, who are giving up food and clothes to pay the overpayed bankster mortgages, because the day people like you lose hope is the day this country will die.

  4. Well done guys. Living in BC, Canada, where there is a lot of more direct democracy. Last year a citizen initiated referendum successfully stopped a unpopular tax and has helped changed the political landscape here. Lets hope the same can happen in Ireland.

  5. Ben and team you deserve medals from the ‘president’ for protecting the rights of citizens.
    The clowns running this country for the last 10 yrs have brought misery and hardship to 100’s of thousand of Irish Citizens.

    What we have all witnessed is formal corruption at the highest level and nobody has been punished except INNOCENT ordinary decent people.
    Its all so sick it makes me depressed and i wish i lived somewhere else.

    Why are the irish like sheep? they are just so conformist and compliant its a joke.
    Look at the people of Cyprus out fighting and protesting for their rights and beliefs.

    We need mass demonstrations and civil disobedience (ie dont pay house tax etc)

    If we keep conforming…THEY (Gov/Banks/Legals) will just keep punishing us again and again indefinately.

  6. keep up the good work,the only way to resist this Banking tyranny is for ordinary people to unite.

  7. Ben I am huge Fan of your work we need more people like you specially in Europe.we the people in the us are watching you.and if there`s any way we can help we will thank`s
    Ben and the other guys with god bless you all.

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